A Lake, Hills, Forests, Tribal Village, Greeneries and Fishing etc. all are there in one place. The colour of nature changes every season here in Boranti, in Purulia within West Bengal. A water reservoir has been constructed by erecting a small earthen dam between Muradi, Panchkot hill one side, and Baronti, Biharinath, on the other. Forests are enriched with trees like Shal, Mahua, Palash, Piyal, Amloki, Bohera and Neem. You would be able to get in touch with tribal and would be able to know their culture. Tourists can enjoy fishing here within Fabulas nature. The Baranti dam inhabitants are all kinds of sweet water fishes including king of fishes Rohu and Katla. Many other small and big fish spices are also found in the Muradi Dam.

You can simply be lazy or do whatever you want. Walk along the red mud road along with the Muradi dam or reach the foot of the hill. Scroll along the dense forest – you may spot some wild verity of birds and spices. You may find some other wild spices like wolf or fox. The forest has a habitant of beer and elephant too. The morning is very pleasant in Boranti when thousands of crippling birds welcome the day with rising sun. For the romantic, recommended a moonlit evening by the lakeside, the surface of the static water turns into a shiny silvery plate gifted by god. The glorious sunset by the side of the lake must not be missed. In rainy season the aroma of wet earth is mixed with many other flavors and it will recharge the day with a new freshness of life.


Sight Seeing of Boranti

The meandering village roads lead to nearby a forest to shed off your stress. You can take nature walks along the Murardi Lake or through the forests and see the sun going down over the hills and lake. Nature is very open in Boranti. You can explore the beauty of the forest, especially if you visit after the winter season when magnificent Palash flowers put the forest on fire. You can also spend some quality time by chatting with your near and dear ones beside the lake. If you still have those last few drops of adrenalin left in you then try trekking through the hills and dense forests to reach Biharinath Hills just 9 kms away. You can also do angling, taking village walks through tribal settlements and enjoying a campfire beside the lake on a winter night.


Nearby attractions of Boranti

Garpanchokot is only 12 kms and the famous Panchet Dam 22 kms from Boranti. You can also visit the famous Joychandi Hills just 21 kms away – this is the site where Satyajit Ray’s ‘Hirok Rajar Deshe’ was shot. Other nearby attractions include Maithon Dam (39 kms) Kalyaneshwari Mandir (40 kms) and Susunia Hills (42 kms) from Boranti, Kashipur Rajbari,(30 Km), Raghunathpur Tasar Shilpa(19km ).


Visiting Time at Boranti

This is an all-climate tourist spot. The place is dominated by tropical climate. The hill becomes lash green in rainy season, in winter suitable time for migratory birds. The blooming of Palash flowers in the spring is also a spectacle in Boranti.


Communication of Boranti

By Road: 1) Kolkata (through Durgapur Expressway towards Dankuni) – Asansol (through Asansol Town old G.T.Road)- Neyamat Pur (left side turn)- Desergarh Bridge – Sarbori Morh ( Barakar-Purulia Road)- Subhash Morh –(left turn)- Kotaldih Village- Ramchandrapur Village- Muradi Village- Baronti( 263 km ).
2) Kolkata (through Durgapur Expressway towards Dankuni) – Durgapur/Raniganj-Megia thermal Power Station- Saltora- Santuri ( Bankura-Purulia Road)- Muradi Village- Baronti( 238 km ).
Bus service available from Kolkata to Asansol through State & Private transport (Volvo service).
By Train : 1) Howrah/Sealdaha (via Dankuni/Bandel)-Burdwan-Asansol- Muradi Station ( no 4 station from Asansol via local train way to Purulia)- by car or rickshaw way to Baronti only 6 km.
2)Howrah-Kharagpur-Adra- Muradi Station-Baronti ( by/Rickshaw 6 km only ).
Car Service from Asansol to Baronti / Adra to Baronti/Muradi Station to Baronti.


Accommodation at Boranti

Please contact us for comfortable and luxurious stay, via email and cell phone no 9830968883.