Discovery World Tours organizes adventure camps for youth, student and corporate groups. This type of camps strengthens personality. Trainees gain self-confidence, develop leadership qualities and build up team spirit. It builds up Nature friendly approach. It improves Nature observation power. It improves physical fitness also for the attendees. During the stay into the Nature, you will be introduced into Camping, short Trekking, Soft Rock Climbing and Nature study etc.

Each Nature study camp is organized for 2/ 3 or 4 days and the important camp activities are as follows:

•    Camping
•    Group adventure activities
•    Bird watching
•    Star watching
•    Ripe and knots
•    Leadership building activities
•    River crossing
•    Soft Trekking
•    Soft rock climbing
•    Team building activities
•    Survival techniques
•    Fun activities and campfire

We provide experienced and skilled trainer always to perform above.

This type of Adventure camps are normally organized in North Bengal or in Purulia, there are several places where we have a good base, knowledge and contact with local people and administration.

We are ready!!! Do you??? Come and join with us!!!


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